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Cold Kiss - Amy Garvey It was a beautiful, warm summer day when Danny died. By dying, he left Wren alone and shattered. In her fury, armed with dark incantations and a secret power, she decides to bring Danny back. But what she ends up with is just a shell, icy cold without a beating heart. Wren hides him away, visiting him only at night as her world slowly unravels around her. Then Gabriel transfers to her school and Wren realizes that, somehow, he knows what she can do. And he wants to help her make it right. For Wren, that might mean breaking her heart all over again.The premise was unique, The plot was gorgeous and chilling and intriguing. Wren was gloriously broken, her wings shredded, but she was still outrageously stubborn. She knew it wasn't going last forever, Danny staying happy hidden away above her neighbour's garage, she had to do something else, but she's in complete denial. One more day, one more night when he stays a secret. Everything will be okay. Apart from his cold touch and lack of a heartbeat.Wren and her ability was possibly the most interesting thing of the book for me. It was nebulous and unexplainable apart from a family trait that leaned itself towards magic or witchcraft, or something else entirely. This is the kind of paranormal ability I enjoy the most, the unnamed sensation that builds up inside you like a hum or a buzz, that pokes at your fingers to be let loose, that forms static sparks in your hair, that mysteriously lights objects on fire. Not everything needs to be explained away. It reminded me of Nova Ren Suma's Imaginary Girls, or possibly Dia Reeves' Bleeding Violet (without the blood and gore).Gabriel knowing about Wren's ability was too convenient for me. He seemed tossed in there to complete the love triangle with Wren and Danny. Perhaps if he hadn't known, if he hadn't had his own gifts, or if he wasn't new to Wren's life and instead was a background character brought to the forefront.Cold Kiss was soft like a sweet ghost story, a bittersweet zombie romance, like a whisper, like a shiver. The lightest brush against your arm but your whole body is covered in prickles and goosebumps.A book that left me conflicted but enchanted. Romantic, mysterious, magical, the story of a young girl and the loss of her first love, but the sudden appearance of a new boy, a boy somehow entranced by her and just as magical, felt, unfortunately, like a cliché. If he'd been normal, or not new, I might've found him more believable.