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The Last Princess

The Last Princess - Galaxy Craze In 2090, England is a barren land where food is rationed and oil has ruined the oceans. A ruthless revolutionary has chosen to enact a plan to destroy the royal family. The King is now dead, and his oldest daughter and only son have been abducted. His second daughter, Princess Eliza, barely escapes with her life, and soon finds herself navigating London's dangerous streets. With a mind focused on revenge, she joins the enemy in disguise, and finds she must summon the strength to fight back if she wants to survive.The Last Princess is a very interesting story, rather intriguing and entertaining. The author has done something unique with this book, at times it felt historical but also futuristic. Along with a strong heroine in Eliza, I'm sure there will be some readers who will greatly enjoy this.As I read this book, so much felt familiar, but I think that comes from the source material like England, the royal family, and certain landmarks that Eliza encountered. It also felt like there were some similarities to the English Civil War of the 1600's where the government rallied against the Royalist supporters of the Crown. Of course, the familiarity I felt might come from the fact that I've studied English literature and history. Others, not so much. Still, I believe most will recognize some of the places Eliza goes to.Eliza wasn't a meek princess, which is good. It's refreshing to not have a princess wait around to be saved. Faced with possible death, possible revolution, she is able to gather up some courage and fight back against the rebellious leader who ruined her family.I enjoyed the world-building in that the author, while drawing on actual locations and buildings, still had to do some world-building of her own. It's the same England most people know, but it's a slightly futuristic and ruined one. Again, it's the familiarity of the setting, but everything is worn down, decaying and crumbling, hoping to stay together.This is a quick read but an exciting read. And, while it had a proper ending, it also leaves you wondering what will happen next, leaves you waiting for the next book.