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Witchlanders - Lena Coakley Not my usual cup of tea but still an enjoyable read. Refreshing to find a YA fantasy novel with a male protagonist. Should appeal to fans of fantasy novels with magic and witches and two sides to every story but always connected.The book summary is a bit misleading, less of the strange girl and more magic and Ryder needing to figure things out, but still an interesting book.Characters were interesting, action scenes moved smoothly enough, and the twists and surprises kept me reading.No rating this time because while I enjoyed it, I don't often read high fantasy like this book is and so I don't think the rating I would honestly give it would be fair. I will say that I enjoyed it, that I liked the world-building and the legends that the author has created, that I liked the characters and the struggles they had, how it was never easy for Ryder. Struggle builds character.Sorry for the quick drive-by review, I have a lot of e-galleys to read that I've let pile up. In the future, I might come back and write a longer review.