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Slice of Cherry - Dia Reeves The book takes place in Portero, Texas, the town where monsters live and some really creepy stuff happens, but everyone finds it normal. Our main characters are Kit and Fancy Cordelle, close sisters and the daughters of the infamous Bonesaw Killer, a serial killer.Kit and Fancy aren't your average girls: they don't really socialize with other teens, they listen to old-fashioned music, and when someone (read: sort of a sick fan of their father's) breaks into their house, they start to give in to their desire to kill people. But they're not senseless murderers, they only kill those who deserve it, possible rapists and child abusers, and knowing that a drop of blood would send them to jail, Fancy discovers a brand new world through an invisible doorway that opens up so many possibilities.Kit and Fancy were very interesting characters. Kit was the leader, Fancy the follower, but as the book progressed Fancy seemed to take over for me, being the one who takes them and their victims to paradise and giving them their just desserts. Kit was more of a normal teenage girl, hormones gone nuts for boys, and possibly a little bloodthirsty. Fancy was different, she seemed a bit more childish at the beginning, using Kit as her shield from the world, using Kit so she'd feel like a whole person, and she didn't come out of her shell until Madda forced her and Kit out into the world over the summer. Which brings the sisters into contact with the Turner brothers, Ilan and Gabriel. It's so fitting, two brothers, two sisters. If only Kit and Fancy's father hadn't been accused of killing the boys' dad years earlier. Oops. ;)And even more weird Portero stuff happens.It was what I expected from Dia Reeves, given how bizarre Bleeding Violet was, but I wasn't bored reading it. Weird monsters and creatures and secrets of Portero and girls who aren't afraid of a little blood here and there and have some kind of weird ability. You're totally thrown straight into Kit and Fancy's house, their room, their world, their macabre desire to kill.Slice of Cherry was a great book 2 in what I hope will be a longer group of books that takes place in Portero, Texas. It's a really messed up town, but it's weird and gross and confusing and secret and fun. It's not your average YA paranormal/horror book, more like a bloody smack in the face, but it's so awesome. Life and death, family, relationships, choices and consequences, faith in yourself and your abilities, being able to let someone you love live their own life. Sure, there's some blood here and there, but don't let that bother you. It's another book about people who are interested in things that aren't so normal, so regular, things that have a little darkness in them. And there's nothing wrong with that.Just make sure you wear goggles if you stab someone in the neck. Safety first. ;)